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Yay! [18 Sep 2010|11:11pm]

AUsome Tigers 27
Paper Tigers 24
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Competition for those who know the Law [01 Jun 2010|03:27pm]

The International Contest of Young Lawyers “Precedent” is an on-line activity for students and young professionals. It's a bilingual contest where you can send the work in English or Russian.
It’s main goal is to give young lawyers and students a place to share opinions and try their skills. At the same time practicing lawyers and the one who is just interested in jurisprudence may participate.
There are two spheres where the participant may choose a case to resolve - intellectual property and private international law. Here’s the list of cases.
You can vote for the works and comment! Here are the approved solutions.
The Contest is held till 21 of June 2010. You can send a work up to June 15.

Prizes for the winners are granted!
Participate and tell your friends and classmates!
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Rolling Toomer's Corner party for football recruits tonight [30 May 2009|01:00pm]

I have heard that tonight (Saturday) at 9 o'clock a lot of the prospects will be taken to Toomer's Corner for a roll Toomer's demonstration. If you want to see the prospects up close and show them that Auburn would be a good place to be, bring your toilet paper and join in.


If you're in the area, stop by and do a little rolling.

ETA: If you missed it, here's what it looked like -
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mac's "mail" issues [03 May 2009|02:58pm]
so certainly SOMEONE out there uses mail to read their tigermail, right?

I can't figure this out for the life of me. I've googled my heart out and all I can find is this..

it certainly appears helpful, but after following the instructions I still can't delete or send mail from that account. I have my other email address all synced up and it works just fine.
the only thing I can think of is that the site has instructions for 10.3 and I have 10.5.6 and that something has changed since 2004.

if you don't know what I need to be doing instead, could someone kindly let me know what au office or whatever I need to call to get some help?

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MTV's True Life - Casting [03 Mar 2009|02:46pm]

Hi guys,

My name is Jennifer, and I am a casting associate at MTV.  Right now we are casting for an upcoming episode of the award-winning series True Life.  For this episode, we are looking for people who are at odds with their parents for one reason or another.  The topics we are focusing on are students who are living a more Americanized lifestyle their traditional parents don't understand, students who are practicing a religion that their parents don't support, or  students who are dating someone their parents don’t approve of.  We are also always interested in hearing other stories about what students and their parents don't see eye to eye on.  I  would really appreciate if you could pass it along to anyone else you may know.

If you could have people email their situations to with their name, age, location, phone number, and recent photo of themselves I would really appreciate it.

Thanks, and feel free to call me with any question

Since its initial episode in 1998, MTV's award-winning True Life documentary series has told remarkable real-life stories of young people and the unusual subcultures they inhabit. Whether documenting the lives of gay marriage activists, individuals dealing with obesity, or teens in high school--the True Life series tells its stories solely from the varied voices and points-of-view of its characters--putting the series in the unique position of reflecting the state of youth culture at any given moment.
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Snow Pictures [01 Mar 2009|06:06pm]

[ mood | happy ]

For you out of town Auburnites, I wanted to put up a few pictures of campus. These aren't mine.. these are some a pulled off of friend's albums on Facebook. But I just wanted everyone to see Auburn's beautiful campus in the snow!

Enjoy!Collapse )

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So. [01 Mar 2009|02:27pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

It'd be nice if Auburn canceled class tomorrow. Because something tells me that all this snow isn't going to melted by then. What do you guys think?

And by the way, this snow is amazing and I can't believe it's still snowing :)

EDIT: Well, it seems the snow is already melting. Sad. I have more pictures of campus that I'll upload later.

More snow pictures from those out of town...Collapse )

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Can't keep a Tiger down [15 Feb 2009|09:49pm]

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Well, this sucks. [13 Dec 2008|03:07pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

Unfortunately, this looks to be the hire. I think I speak for a lot of Auburn fans when I say WTF? I mean, is this the best we could do? Seriously? Chizik?

Here's to four years of suck, followed by another coach search debacle.

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Boom to be new AU coach? [11 Dec 2008|11:09pm]

[ mood | drained ]

Fox 10 reporting Boom to AU. Of course, WSFA reported Spurrier is in final talks, too.

ETA: WEAR Channel 3 Pensacola is also reporting Muschamp to AU.

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